Why do I need to document my business plan, I know exactly what I am doing. This echo’s many a business owners thoughts, however, for a business to improve its ability of surviving long term, a business plan provides the foundation or building blocks from which a business can not only succeed but to grow. Business Plans may be used internally or externally with potential investors or banks.

A Business Plan gives your business direction, define objectives, helps you prioritise and may identify issues before they arrive. A Business Plan gives you better control over your business and helps you learn about the various things that could affect your success. It helps you step back from being in the business and to look look at what’s working and what’s not.

If you are seeking finance, a Business Plan is the document investors and banks will be seeking which shows how the business will use the finance and how the investors will be repaid. Business Focal Point can assist you develop your Business Plan and associated documents.